Bachelor of Commerce in Fintech

Derek Colfer from visa quoted that

“The key to success is making a habit of doing things you fear.”

Fintech is a combination of the terms “finance” and “technology” and refers to any business that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes. Weather its payment of fees or removing money from bank account it has been possible with the technology and finance which has ensured a smooth exchange of money from one person to another.

As the new dawn of sun sets in KES’ Shroff College of arts and commerce (autonomous) launched its new course B.Com (Fintech)

Financial technology is about the future ‘ABCD’ to be learnt by new age learners and will disrupt the way even teaching & learning is done:

Artificial intelligence
Blockchain technology
Cloud computing
Data analytics

The program is made for learners to make their future ready in the fields of banking, financial markets and technology where disruption has started and new age skilled workforce is the need of the hour. Our programme offers understanding and conceptualization of both finance and technology so that students can learn new tools and techniques to overcome the problem faced in financial industry by providing a feasible and reliable solution. The course will augment demand for such learners with such innovative and programs with future needs of the industry.

Programme Duration: 3 Years.
Total no. of semesters: 6
Number of Seats: 60

Program Outcomes:

After successful completion of course student will be able to:
– Understand the various key concepts, business models and technologies of the FinTech, which are emerging areas in the Financial Services industry.
– Explore new opportunities based on cutting-edge FinTech concepts and
– Understand and evaluate the impact of FinTech on financial sectors such as banking, insurance, asset and wealth management and financial infrastructure etc.
– Learn how FinTech can transform business models, improve customer experience, generate insights and drive product-service innovation.
– Apply data-driven decision making for better strategies to create maximum impact.
– Understand how artificial intelligence, machine Learning and block-chain technology are used in financial trading.