Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that combines the concept of programming, mathematics and business together. Combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it helps to identify a future trend which can be used to derive actionable insights for creating future impact. These skills will help you prepare for the role of a Data Scientist. As a Data Science aspirant, you will be emphasising of the knowledge to share from the quantitative analysis to programming concept and extended to business intelligence. Data science can add value to any business which can use the data well.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

  • Empowering management and controlling officers to make better decisions
  • Directing actions based on trends, which in turn help to define new goals
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Decision making with quantifiable, data-driven evidence
  • Testing these decisions
  • Identification and refining of target audiences
  • Recruiting the right talent for the organization

Programme Duration: 3 Years.
Total no. of semesters: 6
Number of Seats: 60

Program Outcomes:

After successful completion of course student will be able to:

  • Obtain, clean/process, and transform data
  • Analyze and interpret data using an ethically responsible approach
  • Use appropriate models of analysis, assess the quality of input, derive insight from results, and investigate potential issues
  • Apply computing theory, languages, and algorithms, as well as mathematical and statistical models, and the principles of optimization to appropriately formulate and use data analyses
  • Formulate and use appropriate models of data analysis to solve hidden solutions to business-related challenges
  • Interpret data findings effectively to any audience, orally, visually, and in written formats