Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship or CIIE was started in the year 2016 as Entrepreneurship Cell with the intention of harbouring and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas of the young students. The mission of the Cell is to pick up the students with a zest for business, to give them training, protection, seed money and providing the right platform. The Entrepreneurship Cell is created to serve as a link among the college, the industry and various R&D institutions.

In the academic year 2019-20, CIIE made a tie-up with the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business and inaugurated a Family Managed Business (FMB) Cell in order to guide the scions of family managed businesses. The FMB Call has also started a year-long online certificate course for this purpose. CIIE conducted various seminars and training programs. “KESSC Startup Summit” saw talks by three successful businessmen that shoed the students that there isn’t just one path to success. A seminar on “Student Entrepreneurship and Income Generation Idea” was conducted to motivate the first year students towards entrepreneurship. “B Plan Competition” was conducted to see the potential in students to create viable business plans. “Entrepreneurial Carnival 2019-20: Swayam se Udyam” is the flagship event of CIIE under which students get hands-on experience in marketing and selling goods to the audience within and outside the college. The Carnival also hosted various motivational speakers and offered students an opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs and learn from them. Two notable events from this Carnival were “Wings: A Talk by Differently Abled Woman Entrepreneur” and a competition called “Arthagyan” in which students competed to procure, market and sell the products purchased from 100 rupees of seed money and made a ‘business canvas’ to illustrate the detailed flow of product from the ideation stage to actually selling it. Currently, CIIE has more than twenty five active student members, most of them the first generation entrepreneurs. Many of the past members of CIIE have started their own businesses today. Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship was born out of the now defunct E-Cell in the year 2019-20, with the aim to promote and develop entrepreneurship among students.

We proudly consider ourselves one of the most intellectually stimulating associations on campus and actively try to give our members a global exposure in business and entrepreneurship.

Aims and Objectives
1. To bring students’ innovative ideas to fruition.
2. To help students’ start-up idea translate into early stage businesses with a defined commercial value
3. To build a vibrant start-up eco system by establishing a network of academia, financial institution and industries

Ms. Sweta Mishra
1. Ms. Ranjana Yavagal                                                     2. Mr. Samrat Srivastava                                                        3. Ms. Vaishali Oza
4. Ms. Nicole Pereira                                                        5. Mr. Harshad Santosh Pore



25th July 2019 CIIE opening event
It was our first event where we introduced our logo of CIIE. Our guests Satish Goel (former R&D Director of Hindustan Unilever) and Nishidh Goradia (Director of the ENQ LLP, SURAT) shared their knowledge and experience on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

KESSC Startup Summit
In KESSC Startup Summit, we welcomed many guests including Devesh Chawla (CEO & Founder of Chatur Ideas), Riyaz & Reshma Gangji (Founders of Celebrity Fashion Entrepreneurs), Haazri brothers (Founders & Managers of Haazri), Gaurav Singh (entrepreneur and YouTuber of DAD of CAD) and Sahil Khimavat (CEO & Founder of Messy House).
Our motive for organizing events under KESSC Startup Summit to allow entrepreneurs to express their startup ideas and to give them a stage to share their journey.

Student entrepreneurship and income generation ideas
Student entrepreneurship and income generation program was an event where speaker Ashish Trivedi (Founder & CEO of Y Options Media PVT LTD) made students realize that they can achieve financial success while still in college.

B Plan Program
B Plan Program was conducted before Plan B Competition where the members of Navayuvak Entrepreneurs provided guidelines about how to plan and pitch a business idea. Post program, students knew how to present a business plan to the investors.

Wings: A Talk by Differently Abled Woman Entrepreneur
In this event Speaker Jigna Chanpura (Founder of brand Riarth) acquainted students with marginalized people who started a successful business venture.

B Plan Competition
B Plan Competition is a competition which was organized to enable participants to ideate and prepare good business plans.
We had invited Nishish Goradia (Director of ENQ LLP, Surat) and Devesh Chawla (CEO & Founder of Chatur Ideas) to judge the Competition.

Arthagyan: Multiply Your 100 with Business Canvas Model
These is an event where students compete with each other to see how they utilitize a given capital and by creating and marketing their product by using just hundred rupees worth of funding. Post event students learnt that money is finite and they need to manage their business operations in available funding.

Entrepreneurship Carnival 2019-20: Swayam Se Udyam
Entrepreneurship Carnival 2019-20: Swayam Se Udyam was a flagship event of CIIE Where Students put up stalls to promote and sell their goods. The main objective of this entrepreneurial carnival was to help student gauge the market for their product.

Inauguration of Family Managed Business Cell by Mr. Samish Dalal
Mr. Samish Dalal (In-charge of Global Family Managed Business Program at SP Jain School of Global Management) inaugurated Family Managed Business Cell and inspired students to join their family businesses.