Center For International Studie

Study abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world. – Chantal Mitchell

You learn by doing new things, and when you study abroad everything is new. – Johan Asplund, DreamStudies


1. To enable student to get international degree
2. To enable student to learn where and how policies, strategies, conflicts and laws have an impact on the society and people around the world
3. To enable student to connect themselves with those employers who increasingly value graduates with international experience and education
4. To enable student to describe the intellectual and ethical responsibilities of active global citizenship

International Collaborations With Canada

1. Lake Head University
2. Thompson River University
3. University  Of Frazer Valley
4. Royal Roads University
5. Kings College
6. Camosum College

International Collaborations With Australia

1. Western Sydney University
2. University Of Canberra

Prerequisites for international studies

1. IELTS – LWRS – 7.0
2. In Academics, Semester 1 to Semeter 4 :- A Grade
3. Two years of Studies in India  :- First Year and Second Year
4. Next 2 Years Studies in Canada à
5. Third Year And Fourth Year in Canada
6. Degree will be from Canadian  University


Dr.V.S. Kannan

Dr. Vaibhav Ashar                    Dr. Vishesh Shrivastava                      Mr. Samrat Srivastava