Centre for E-Learning & Training

A Centre for E-Learning (CEL) has been established to provide Learning Avenue for learners by way of online courses pertaining to humanities, commerce, management and STEM. It will cater to the need of students and faculties from not only KES’ Shroff College but also to those who are from other institutions. Live and learn anytime, anywhere with online programs and courses offered by various departments of KES Shroff College under Centre for eLearning. Learners can take online courses along with traditional, face-to-face courses, or apply to a fully online program.

Here at the Centre for E-Learning we understand that it can be a challenging endeavour to develop an online course that promotes interaction, motivates learners, and engages learners in a meaningful way. It’s even more challenging to transform a course that has traditionally been taught in a face–to–face format to a hybrid course or 100% online course. So we at Centre for E-Learning train our teachers and trainers so that they can develop quality e-content so that these digital contents can be used as catalyst to develop the better understanding of course in online mode.

Centre organizes training programmes to train faculty to make them acquainted with new tools and techniques which are helpful in e-content development and e-teaching. As the instructor, we are not only building a course, but also a virtual classroom that is, more than ever before, dependent on sound course design principles. We use sound online course design theories, models of instructional design, and a framework for online course design to take traditional classroom into the online ecosphere.


Objectives: –

  •  To enhance the quality of learning and teaching
  •  To meet the learning style or needs of students
  •  To improve the efficiency and effectiveness
  •  To improve user-accessibility and time flexibility to engage learners in the learning process
  •  To provide a collaborative digital platform for both learner and teacher.


Our Team:

  Mr. Manish Kumar SinghChairperson
  Ms. Mrunali SawantMembers
  Ms. Jayshree LokhandeMembers
  Ms. Shruti InamdarMembers
  Mr. Hiren GohilMembers