Master of Arts in Communication and Journalism

The Post Graduate Programme in M.A. Communication and Journalism offer students core papers that will help to build their foundation in the specialized area of communication and journalism. In addition, it will enable students to pursue an area of their interest in their chosen field. The contents of each course have been carefully designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skill sets that will make them industry ready, enable them to solve problems and encourage analytical and innovative thinking.

The programme offers graduates, whose backgrounds may not necessarily be in mass media, a unique opportunity to excel in the field. This degree programme provides understanding, and skills required to analyse and evaluate real and complex situations they will encounter in real life and to design solutions for these problems. The degree provides a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques that will make students highly employable in the field of communication and journalism.

Programme Duration: 2 Years.
Total no. of semesters: 4
Number of Seats:

Program Outcomes:

After successful completion of course student will be able to:
– Develop a comprehensive understanding of theories and practices of communication and journalism.
– Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and creative skills.
– Communicate to diverse audiences in a variety of contexts and media and journalism.
– Students will be prepared for wide range of mass communication and journalism related careers and also develop the ability to use, analyse, and learn communication technologies.
– Develop exceptional textual, visual, and verbal communication abilities.
– Create and design media products for traditional and new media which encompass a wide range of multimedia platforms that include blogs, digital audio videos, and other digital platforms.
– Develop a global awareness of social, political and corporate issues, and develop communication sensitivity and skills.
– Improvise sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy and an awareness of their responsibilities as professionals in their field.