NCC is the single largest youth organisation supported by Ministry of Defence, Government of India. Every year close to 15 lakh cadets join NCC across the country. We are proud to mention that our college is one such subunit which offers NCC to our own students in our own campus. The College has NCC (ARMY) Unit, which is affiliated to 3, Mah. BN.

52 students can join NCC every year for NCC training, NCC mainly gives military training to the young students which enables them to develop their all round personality. Capt. Sumant Sovani is in-charge of the NCC Unit of the College.

From the year 2017-18 even girls of our college are now allowed to join NCC unit.

The college NCC unit has also started A very innovative subject called NCC studies. It gives exposure to the theoretical part of military and military training. This subject is an optional subject to Foundation Course paper 1 and 2 in F.Y.B.Com./BA. and S.Y. B.Com./BA.

The main aim of NCC is to develop qualities of character, courage, commandership, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sports and selfless services among the youth to make them useful citizens.

Unity and Discipline is the NCC Moto.

The benefits of joining NCC are as follows:
1.It helps to build personality.
2. It gives an opportunity and responsibility to the cadet to handle any kind of situation.
3. It also helps to join Armed forces like Army, Navy, Air force and also provides ample opportunities to join civil services like UPSC and MPSC.
4. NCC also teaches values like determination, concentration, will power, interest, confidence, it develops intellectual mind and develops education and sportsmanship.
5. NCC also gets respect from society.
6. NCC inculcates leadership quality in youth.

The basic institutional training of NCC includes basic military training, exposure to desirable traits of a good citizen. There is a thrill and excitement in these activities. It increases awareness and one feels a disciplined life.

Benefits for NCC cadets:
Defence forces keep some seats reserved for the NCC ‘C’ certificate holders. Besides many scholarships are also offered to NCC cadets.

Participation in camps is one of the integral and most thrilling experience for any NCC cadet.
There are various types of camps, like local level, state level, and national level camps. It not only brings cadets from various parts of the country together and inculcates unity and discipline among them; it also give them exposure of group dynamism, team spirit and leadership qualities.

Various camps like Youth Exchange Programme, National Integration Camp, Advanced Leadership Camp, Firing Training Camp, Thal Sainik Camp, Adventure Camps, Army Attachment Camp, Republic Day Camp, Combined Annual Training Camp, Rock Climbing Camp, Parasailing Camp and Trekking Camp.

The college NCC unit has reached to the height and created its own space, name and fame among the students of the college. College NCC unit has also played a very key role in organising Combined Independence Day and Republic Day programme. Every year, the college NCC unit suggests some theme and a beautiful, colourful extravaganza -with some message-is presented by NCC cadets and also students from different sections of Kandivali Education Society.

College NCC unit has certainly acclaim it’s own identity. No wonder then, there is a tough competition to secure seat in NCC and students literally compete hard to join NCC.

So students, ‘If you have in you this very spirit, Join NCC’

Jai Hind!