Master of Arts in Applied Geography

Master in Applied Geography (M.A. Applied Geography) is an applied geographical approach which has the potential to illuminate the Nature and causes of real world problems and inform the formulation of appropriate responses. The course includes Geo Spatial Technologies, particularly suitable if you wish to obtain a broad overview of the subject, with scope for specialization. Applied Geography includes such sub-fields as Environmental Management, GIS, Cartography, Land-use Planning, Location Analysing, Urban Planners, Transformation System Planning, Applied Physical Geography, Tourism Planning, Geographical aspects of Environmental Law and Spatial Modelling. The duration of course is of two year’s consisting four semesters. Masters in Applied Geography is career oriented Post Graduate degree it provides the wider opportunity for Careers in Various Field’s.

Programme Duration: 2 Years.
Total no. of semesters: 4
Number of Seats:

Program Outcomes:

– After successful completion of course student will be able to:
– Students will be conversant with the several economic and environmental issues
– Specialize in Geographical Information System
– Become Remote Sensing Specialist
– Become Forest Manager., Demographer, Cartographer
– Become Agricultural Specialist as well as Climatologist
– Apply learning from the theoretical foundations acquired to real life problems
– Understand link between human values and human existence
– Students will become active and innovate problem solvers